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I read somewhere that 97% of people are happy with the outcome of their tummy tuck procedure and that stuck with me as I was making my decision. If my results are any indication, the percentage should be 100%. This is definitely the best money I’ve ever spent. I feel like a new man...or at least a younger, slimmer one!

-Brett M.


What a great crew they have there at Baton Rouge Tummy Tuck! You couldn’t ask for nicer, more helpful people. Always professional and friendly, quick to call you back and so knowledgeable and helpful with anything I needed. My surgeon had the sweetest bedside manner and I felt like I was the only patient they were even working with. My procedure went like clockwork and everything came out really nice...actually, a little better than I’d hoped...now that’s saying something!

-Lisa T.


Who would’ve thought I’d be recommending surgery to someone? This is worth so worth it! Would do it again, exactly the same!

-Bobbi C.

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